Virta Unique Coin (VUC) is built to protect your privacy. VUC is cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin with added features. We are introducing the most powerful feature ANTI-THEFT technology along with STEALTH addresses

Introduction to Virta Unique Coin

VUC offers several important features that Bitcoin does not. First, VUC rewards people for running a VUC node. Whereas Bitcoin transactions are completely traceable, VUC enables you to send coins anonymously. There is never any need to 'mix' or 'anonymize' your VUC — they are anonymous by default. VUC is fully integrated with VUC, which means that a snoop or attacker watching your internet connection will not know if you are using VUC and other VUC users cannot determine the physical location of your VUC node. VUC also offers encrypted end-to-end messaging between VUC users.



Ticker / Sort

(Virta Unique Coin)


Proof-of-Stake (POS)

Total Supply

120 000 000



Block Time

300 Seconds

Number of Blocks




VUC offers the SWAP of VTA
@ NOVA EXCHANGE with 1000:1 ratio

Here, VUC is giving the facility of Swapping of Virta Coin (VTA) to Virta Unique Coin (VUC). Swapping dates are 21-June-2017 to 5-July-2017.

Swapping ratio will be 1000:1 (1000 VTA : 1 VUC)

Exchanges have been contacted on the latest developments.

Stealth Addresses

VUC payments are completely anonymous and untraceable

Stealth Addresses are a way of a payer and a payee to have private exchange of funds.

VUC is first kind of cryptocurrency to develop a new form of security and privacy. Stealth Addresses also reffered to SX address..


VUC is loaded with feature called Anti-Theft/Anti-Rob technology

VUC is loaded with feature called Anti-Theft/Anti-Rob technology. It is a reversible transaction that we have introduced. Every single minute detail of transaction is same, but if someone use anti-theft transfer function of our facility portal, coins will be deducted from payer and resides in some hidden wallet.

A best usecase we just recently faced is, Ransomware virus, where they ask a lot bitcoin for decrypting the data. Here undoubtadly we can use this reversible transaction feature..

Such like that, this anti-theft feature is USP of the system.

High Performance

Making sure service provided 24 x 7 smoothly

Fast Block Confirmation

Fast Block Confirmation time






MAC / iOs Wallet

Web Wallet

Android Wallet

Paper Wallet


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Virta Unique Coin is giving the facility of Swapping of Virta Coin (VTA) to Virta Unique Coin (VUC). Swapping dates are 21-June-2017 to 5-July-2017.

Click here for SWAP at NovaExchange

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